Collection: Women's Cashmere Knitwear

Our cashmere collection is at the heart of Robertsons of Scotland and where our story began. We had a vision to bring together some of the world’s finest fibres, manufactured in Scotland and add our own twist to this beautiful fabric.

Our cashmere jumpers and accessories are made from only the highest quality cashmere and made right here in Scotland. Quality and craftmanship bring our pieces to life and while machines are used to weave and knit it is likely that at least 30 skilled hands will have touched each and every piece to ensure it is of the highest standard.

To give each piece our own twist we have incorporated our Robertsons of Scotland bespoke tweed elbow patches or flashes of tweed. Our tweed is designed and made in Scotland and each patch or piece of tweed is lovingly hand cut and sewn on.

So when you buy a piece of Robertsons of Scotland cashmere you are not only investing in a sustainable, wardrobe staple you are also buying an individual and handcrafted garment that will last the test of time.

We believe in protecting the planet and all the cashmere we use is sourced from responsible cashmere goat herders. It is ensured that the welfare of the herds is a priority as well as working to preserve the grassland on which they graze and securing the herders livelihoods.

Women's Cashmere Knitwear