Collection: Men’s Wax Jackets

When looking to extend our range and incorporate Scottish heritage it seemed only fitting to develop wax jackets which were invented by Scottish seafarers back in the 15th century.

We set out to find the highest quality waxed cotton to develop our range and found the perfect match right here in Scotland. All the waxed cotton used in our jackets is manufactured in Dundee at Halley Stevenson’s who have a rich history in developing this hardy fabric since 1864, so we are in good hands.

Our wax jackets are both stylish and practical, incorporating Scottish manufactured waxed cotton with our signature Robertsons of Scotland tweed. As with all our garments we ensure the material is sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Owning a waxed jacket is slow sustainable fashion at it’s very best, the cotton used is densely woven and built to last and as they can be re-proofed to help maintain the performance this means that your jacket will last for years to come.


Men’s Wax Jackets